1. 04:24 17th Apr 2014

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    to everyone reacting to the ask from Tuesday and saying “you CAN be racist against white people!!!”

    no, you can’t. I will not allow this blog to be a platform for white people to claim that people of color (justifiably) mistrusting white people has the same potential for cultural harm as hundreds of years of abuses by white people against various groups of people of color.

    i will not use the word “racism” on this blog to describe racial prejudice against white people. end of story. this is not up for debate.

    - metapianycist

  2. Anonymous asked: Excuse me, but the last anon is a moron. You CAN indeed be racist towards white people. RACIST means you do not like a CERTAIN RACE. If you think only black people are victims of racism, then you're an ignorant prick that needs to open their eyes. Oh, and also, I am black myself. Just to get that straight.

    i like how you read my response and assumed that by poc i meant “black people only”

    and also how you’re casually throwing around the word “moron” (information about its origin in eugenics here) at an autistic person

    very good job, grayface


    - metapianycist

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  3. 16:53 15th Apr 2014

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    Anonymous asked: cool uh could you not publish stories in which calling someone a "stupid white woman" is portrayed as racist? it's rude, but it's not racist, you cannot be fucking racist against white people. you should not include this fuckery on this site b/c it looks like you don't care about advocacy for everyone. i'm saying this as a white woman who is on the spectrum. the story itself was important but that part should be removed

    this blog is run by multiple individuals. I don’t know if I was the one who published that (it was five months ago), but if I was (which is pretty likely), I am sorry for my oversight. I fixed the post in question and made a note in it.

    - metapianycist

  4. Employee of Morley’s Chicken makes fun of autistic boy with stammer

    Yesterday (22nd November), an employee of Morley’s Chicken in Brockley, London made fun of a seven-year-old boy with autism, who was trying to order food. The man mocked the way that the young boy spoke, poking fun at his slight stammer. His mother complained, only to be told by the manager that it was ‘none of [his] business’. She demanded her money back and as she was leaving, the employee called her a ‘stupid white woman’.

    This is wrong on so many levels. The employee was rude and prejudiced! The manager did absolutely nothing about it. They should not be allowed to get away with this disgusting behaviour.

    As someone with autism, I know only too well how difficult it can be to communicate. If this had happened to me, I would be deeply upset, as was this young boy and his mother. Many people take something as ‘simple’ as being able to communicate with others for granted.

    You can show your support by joining the Facebook group, and reblogging/tweeting/sharing this story.


    edit 04/15/14: removed the part describing the employee as racist, because it has nothing to do with the point here, AND “racism against white people” is just not a thing. there isn’t systematic discrimination against white people by poc that has any cultural power to affect white people’s lives.

  5. submitter said:

    Can you please share this? Hi! So I want to do a project on autism. My plan is to have children and adults with autism draw or write about themselves on a template that I have. I want to hang up all of the submissions in my local public library to show that having autism does not define you. I would like to have as many submissions as possible to prove my point. If you would like more information on this project please email me at autismdoesnotdefine@gmail.com Thanks!!


    metapianycist said:

    While I myself will probably not participate for the reason that autism does significantly define my experiences (such that I cannot separate myself from autism), I am posting this for others who may want to participate.

  6. 17:23 11th Apr 2013

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    Anonymous asked: hi, um, my friends and family jokingly tease that i'm autistic, but i've never seen a doctor about it, so i took the aq test and scored 39, does this mean i have autism?

    Since the AQ is not used in any kind of diagnostic evaluation, I don’t think it means anything, especially considering that a lot of autistic people with professional diagnoses don’t score in the supposedly autistic range.

    If you think you might be autistic and want a better way to gauge that, several autistic bloggers have put together resources that you may find helpful:

    You are also welcome to go to my personal askbox if you want to ask questions there.

  7. 04:14 28th Feb 2013

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    queerability asked: Could you promote Queerability? It's a brand new blog for LGBTQ+ disabled people!

    Of course! Queerability is a great project. Queer spaces need to be more accommodating of disability.

  8. 00:09 11th Feb 2013

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    Anonymous asked: Max from Parenthood. Do you think his character is an accurate portrayal of HFA? I'm just wondering because I've begun watching the show and I've been talking to other (NTs) who watch the show and they seem to be thinking that this is exactly what autism is like, etc. etc. Obvious its silly for people to generalize from a tv show, but I'm wondering if anyone on the spectrum has watched it and has any thoughts?

    I haven’t seen the show. Other people are welcome to submit their thoughts about it, though.

    - metapianycist

  9. mindamplified asked: I really think that whole April thing should only be directed to Autism Speaks rather than the idea of there being an awareness month. Because do you really think autism should be kept a secret? We still deserve a month of awareness, but not necessarily making it all about Autism Speaks.

    I prefer acceptance to “awareness.” We get enough “awareness.”

    - metapianycist

  10. Anonymous asked: Hi um, I'm not autistic, so I'm curious as to why April is hard for autistic people? I don't understand :( thank you

    April is when Autism Speaks runs a lot of awareness campaigns, including “Light it Up Blue” et al. I should put a note on that one about how it might only be relevant in the U.S.